Weekly Discussion – Chapter 5, Intellectual Property and Internet Law

Chapter 5 introduces protections for intellectual property, defined in the text on page 138 as “any property resulting from intellectual, creative processes – the products of an individual’s mind.”  The protections discussed include:  trademarks, cyber marks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets.

For this discussion, select two protections named above that you may encounter in the business you are or will be engaged in.  (If you believe none of the protections will apply to your business, then create a fake business for this discussion.)  Study the two protections.  Then, on the discussion board post your answers to:

1.  List and explain the two protections that you selected.

2.  Describe the type of business you are/will be in and how your business will use these protections.

3.  Imagine that one of the protections you have was violated.  Explain what the violation is and what the remedy is for the violation.  

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