Social Science Project in need completion (Do not bid until you fully understand everything)

This si a project that needs to be completed! I have attached corrrections that need to be made as well as some sample and the actual syllabus form my class.  Please read as this is due on 9 Nov 2013 at 0800 EST.


Posted are the new comments by my professor I really need this to be tight PLEASE READ HER EXAMPLE


comments are as follows:


1.  title page..lower that’s too the title in the middle of the page


2.  don’t forget you will have to insert page numbers on each page and also on the table of contents


3.  do not use roman numerals for your questions on part I


4.  your hypotheses and theories go on a separate page, not at the bottom of part I’s page


5.  variables must be in order by importance..gender is your first variable, race, age etc…then your questions and hypotheses and theories must also be in that same order.  Gender must be variable #1 because you need it to be data table #1 too when you get to that part.


6. Sampling procedure must be on a separate page..not on the same page with your hypotheses and theories..follow my example for formatting..every part has it’s own page..


7.  how many will be in your sample also need the Babbie statement at the bottom of the sampling procedure


8.  cover letter..use month, day and year…follow my example..don’t leave a space after the date and your address must be the name of the organization, street name, city, state, zip.  You need to come up with the name of someone to send this letter can’t just send it to the you have any idea how many people work there?  They wouldn’t know where or who to give this to


9.  If you are going to use block format for your letter, then keep it all in block format..follow my example okay?


10. Put Babbie on your reference list.


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