International Business_editing part 2

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Company: Walmart

Host Country : Japan


Focus: Joint venture more, brief mention on acquisition


1) Introduction

2) organization : brief description ( walmart)

3) conduct a PESTLE analysis : host country ( only include relevant factors not a must to include all factors) 

4) internationalization analysis : (using theories : dunning OLI paradigm; Johanson & wiener-Paul uppsala, Kelly , peng & Meyer, FDI. Etc) choose related theory to apply in the Walmart – explain more on the theories and apply in walmart

5) analyse the internationalization strategy : ( eg : porter’s diamond model or bartlett & ghoshal internationalistation strategy ) choose related theory to apply in the walmart on why they enter the country – explain more on the theories and apply in walmart

6) analyze & explain the company entry mode ( focus on joint venture more, brief mention on acquisition. delete all the parts that mentioned greenfield investment) – add in advantage and disadvantage of joint venture after that mention in the end why they prefer acquisition

7) discuss the experience/lesson that i learned ( what insight did you gain) 

8) reference list ( more than 8 refereneces)



Additional information: You need to report what had happened at that point of time including multiple entry modes. However, i prefer you to focus on joint venture and explain in details


Important: Remeber, we only need ONE country where your MNC has entered. This work is not about which country to go!! It’s about what has been done by your MNC.



Follow this reference guide

Use harvard references and cite the reference when using it.

Please keep within 2400-2500 words.


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