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Motivation Week 5


For this paper, you must choose and research one leadership concept (see the list below). You will then write your own paper on the concept that you chose. You must use at least three acceptable references to support your arguments and conclusions and utilize the required format as outlined in the Final Paper Template. Your paper will explain as well as critique the subject that you have selected. More details regarding your nal Paper are provided below.




Zhang, X., & Bartol, K. M. (2010). Linking empowering leadership and employee creativity: The influence of psychological empowerment, intrinsic motivation, and creative process engagement. Academy of Management Journal, 53(1), 107-128. Retrieved on April 19, 2015.




Zimmerman, B. J. (2008). Investigating self-regulation and motivation: Historical background, methodological developments, and future prospects. American Educational Research Journal, 45(1), 166-183. Retrieved on April 19, 2015.




Deci, E. L., & Ryan, R. M. (2008). Facilitating optimal motivation and psychological well-being across life’s domains. Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne, 49(1), 14. Retrieved on April 19, 2015.Submit by Sunday 5-17-15 your completed Paper. Before submitting your Paper, ensure that your project meets all of the following requirements:


  • The body of the paper has the three required parts:

    • An introduction to subject area and the topic

    • A detailed explanation with at least one real or theoretical example of its application.

    • A critique of the subject

  • The paper is no fewer than 1000 words and not more than 1500 words, not including references, cover page, or the abstract.

  • The paper follows APA (American Psychological Association) style and format:

    • Cover page

    • Abstract (not to exceed 50 words)

    • Headings

    • Footers

    • Page numbers

    • Font and size

    • Margins

    • References (at least three: the course text and Wikipedia are not acceptable)

    • Citations

      • In proper format

      • For all information presented

  • Submitted to Grammarly

  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation is correct

  • Quotation marks where appropriate

Paper has flow

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