Euroequity market

(Euroequity market )

summarize the article in the firs fattachment, and post your viewpoint based on your understanding with second attachment


but make sure abuot :


he completed exam will be submitted to and checked for originality.

You should construct a title page for your exam. You should use appropriate business terminologies and your work should cite both external, reliable sources of information, as well as the course textbook.

Your responses should be as long as they need to be to thoroughly cover the question or task.

Be sure to list the question or task before each response.

The submission will be graded on

accuracy of your information

originality of your work

all sources of information should be cited and referenced using APA style

written form (grammar, punctuation and appropriate use of words)

application of concepts from your reading (both text and research)

Do not insert graphics more sophisticated than a simple table (#5).


Submit the entire exam as one file.


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