Engineering Excel


Given:  Barrel circular Area = 4.60 ft2, flow rate of water into the barrel = 36.8 lb / sec, flow rate of water from the leak in the bottom of the barrel = 9.2*h  lb/sec (9.2 is the ‘leak rate coefficient C’), water density = 62.4 lb / ft3.

Exit flow rate is a function of water level.


Find :  ( 15 pts) Define the five (5) constant variables of Area, Flow in, Coefficient for flow out, density of water,

                        and appropriate time step size in seconds as shown in class and as done in Excel Assignment 02.

                        The time step size should be at least 2.0 seconds, but not more than 10.0 seconds. NOT I DONT NEED WORDS DEFINITION FOR THIS QUESTION EVERTHING SHOULD BE BY NUMBERS AND EQUETION. 

            ( 5 pts)  Calculate the coefficients C1 and C2 to be used in the solution to the differential equation.     

            ( 5 pts)  Calculate the “Time Constant”  tau =  Ï„

            ( 5 pts)  Column tabulation of times beginning with time = 0.0 seconds   

            (20 pts) Column tabulation of water level in the barrel using the time-step simulation or approximations.  

            (15 pts) Column tabulation of water level in the barrel using the theoretical solution to the governing equation.

            (10 pts) Column tabulation of percent error between simulation and theoretical. 

            (  5 pts)  The maximum water level in the Barrel. Explicitly articulate this as you did with the Optimum Angle.     

            (20 pts) Titled and Labeled Graph showing Simulation (as a Dotted Line), Theoretical (as a Solid Line),

                        and Percent Error  (as any line).  



The Theoretical Water Level or height is :   h(t) = [ C2 / C1 ] * [ 1.0 – exp (- C1*t  ) ]   


    OR    h(t) = [ C2 / C1 ] * [ 1.0 – exp (-t / Ï„  ) ]   



  C1 = Leak Coeff. / density / Area             and           C2 = Flow rate in / density / Area


Include your name on the actual spreadsheet also.


Everyone does his/her own assignment; this is not like a lab. Ask questions during class or send an e-mail titled “Question about Excel 03 Assignment”.  Let me know if the points do not sum to 100 pts. 


Submit results to me as a spreadsheet file; this worked very well for previous Excel assignments. Send an e-mail with the Excel file attached and Excel 03 in the subject of the e-mail. All files are due by Monday, November 25, 2013  11:00pm.  But do not send the e-mail before 6:00pm; this will keep all the e-mails together in my file. They will arrive in one nice batch.  That means send the e-mail to me after 6;00pm and before 11;00pm.  

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