Developing Team Models

Identify and select a multi-national organization (MNC) that has operations in at least four countries.


In a 7 page paper, develop an effective organizational team model for the selected MNC. In developing the model, consider successful and failed teamwork from within the industry your selected organization operates. Your chosen organization will employ different teaming concepts based on the industry and the organizational structure.

Compare and discuss

1. the team models,

2. characteristics,

3. needs, and

4. issues that may arise at each stage of development.

Lastle, identify any managerial tools you used in developing your model in order to provide recommendations for future team building.


Paper must contain all elements called out above, use a minimum of 6 scolarly references, each paragraph must be refernced, be in APA 6th Edition, Times New Roman 12 format. NO COVER PAGE.

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