Create a presentation from this persuasive message. The presentation should include 7 to 10 slides with detailed speaker notes. Include the following: • Title • Introduction • Central idea • Recommendation • Benefits • Impact if product does not sell • C


Capital resources for the marketing of Ariel washing soap.

Soaps and detergents have been around from time immemorial, and granted, our market is rife with all manner of cleaning products. It is, therefore, understandable that the company would not be willing to spend a cent, let alone $200,000, on the advertisement and marketing of Ariel washing detergent in a saturated market. However, it would be prudent for a company to push this product to the market. Research shows that Ariel and Tide, another detergent of our company, Procter and Gamble, have the global lion share of the detergents markets, about 70% as at 2010 (Trefis Team, 2010).

That is by no means a small feat, but the market conditions are changing every day. New detergents are being manufactured now and then, each promising to deliver better results than the rest. And with the global shift towards a greener earth, most companies find themselves implementing ‘greener’ policies and detergents are not left far behind. More and more environmentally friendly detergents are being researched and developed. While our company fully supports the conservation of the environment, we are yet to develop a product that can be said to be truly environment friendly. The formula used to make Ariel and Tide, save for a few tweaks here and there, is pretty much the same.

To stay abreast of the situation, we need to remind our customers why they appreciate our brands so much. The efficiency and effectiveness of Ariel washing detergent, as well as its gentleness on fabrics and the users should be emphasized to the consumers. We need to remind them that Procter & Gamble products are high quality and deliver on their value. And one of the ways we can get this message across is by aggressive marketing campaigns through the mainstream media, social media and other platforms. The amount stated above may seem like a lot of money for conducting commercial; however, it is imperative that quality is maintained not only with our product but also with our advertisements.

As we have seen from successful marketing strategies before, consumer awareness, and consequently, sales will go up because of the advertisements and vigorous campaigning of the product. Therefore, I urge the management to consider the future of their most valuable consumer good and allow for the approval of the capital resources required to finance the marketing activities.


Style of presentation.

To make this presentation remarkable and to achieve the goal of getting an approval of the finances, I would then opt for a live boardroom presentation before the managers. Using visual displays to show facts and figures, even bars and charts to show the portended growth of the product that will help sell the management on the idea. Also, interacting with my audience, by asking questions and giving interesting facts is another way I would employ to achieve my goals. This method of presentation works for this particular situation because it helps everyone get a clearer picture of the situation and why marketing would be important.






Sales Pitch to consumers for Ariel Washing Soap.

Every time you enter a supermarket or store, you are instantly bombarded with multiple product choices for one good, and when it comes to detergents, you swear a new one pops up with every visit to the store (you are probably right). Therefore, when choosing a detergent, it is easier for you to go for the cheapest and largest of them all, without any considerations for the quality. Simply because it is written on the cover that it is of high quality and uses less to wash more does not necessarily make it true.

The reason that Ariel washing detergent is the best solution for you is because you can trust Ariel; trust Ariel for quality as research and development has gone into the making of the detergent simply the best only for you; trust that Ariel will give you value for your money as it not only pocket friendly, but also worth every dime; trust Ariel because its manufacturing company, Procter and Gamble (P&G) is a household name that is almost synonymous with high quality, service and trust. I can go on and on, and you may probably join in with more reasons why Ariel washing detergent is for you. With experience spanning almost fifty years, we are easily the best in the business as our products are second to none.

You are a smart consumer. You know what products are there, their prices and effectiveness. Therefore, I know that you will choose Ariel because its case needs no defending. The minute you purchase a packet of Ariel washing detergent, you are assured of cleanliness, freshness and so much more.


Style of Presentation.


The audience of such a pitch would be mothers and homemakers who are the most frequent users of detergents. This group places high esteem on family; therefore, an advertisement would be the best way to make the sales pitch. The commercial would be done in a family setting, with each member extolling the virtues of Ariel washing detergent creatively. I believe this would create a big impact on the target market as they will relate with the ‘family’ from the commercial. Thus, reconciling the use of Ariel washing detergent on television and its use in their homes will not be difficult. Radio is also an effective way of getting the message across the board about our product. Creatively written and captivating dialogues or skits could be used to emphasize on the qualities that make Ariel washing detergent a cut above the rest. Family stations would be ideal for this option.

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