Cost and benefit analysis presentation slides request



 Cost and benefit analysis


We are doing group presentation tomorrow but we are struggling to make the presentation sldies. We need presentation slides.

Could you guys help me? Maximum slides we have to make are 11 pages.

Below are structure of prejesentation we should do.


<<The Impact of NAFTA on the United States>>


In your analysis, make sure you take the followings into consideration:



•    the alternative projects , 

•    the groups who benefit and suffer from project, 

•    list the physical impact of alternatives, 

•    predict monetary value of those impacts (benefit and cost) over the life of project in terms of their present value, 

•    conclude which of the alternative project should be selected. 



Addendum: PT slides

•        1 intro slide that discusses the motivation behind the project and CBA

• Information about which groups have standing, and how they either benefit or lose from the considered policies

• Numbers, sources

• Conclusion

• 1-2 slides on other key information you would need to conduct a thorough analysis

•        1-2 slides at the end with a list of sources


Addendum: PT slides

Do Not Include:

• Typos and spelling/grammar mistakes. • Basic definitions of CBA terms. • Too many pictures.

• Unsubstantiated claims (unless you explicitly states that you had made the judgement call because there was insufficient data)

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