Career Summary

Please read the full assignment before you send a handshake. Original Work only!! It will be checked using turnitin


For this part of the assignment you’ll complete a career summary which includes several parts including your desired outcome and career goals: your “Mission Statement” (which may be very similar to your statement of career objectives), a summary of your present reality and your chosen career outlook.


In a 1 & 1/2 page Word document (.doc) create a three part “mission statement” for your personal, academic and professional life at this time. Discuss how your “present reality” coincides with that mission. In addition, using the Internet, try to find as much about your chosen career(s) as you can from the categories listed below and include a summary of that information your submission:

  • The general employment outlook in your area (how likely are you to find a job in the next 2-5 years in this career?).
  • How much this career pays, on average, in your location.
  • How “new” your career is to the market.
  • How much training is generally required to enter the field in this career?
  • What is the potential for advancement in this career.

Be sure to label each section of your submission appropriately. Along with your paper, include all of the web sites you used in writing your paper. Please site all sources appropriately and abide by all plagiarism policies outlined in your course.


To assist with the personal aspect, the summary should be based off the following information…..


**I am currently taking my final classes and expected to graduate in June. My major is Criminal Justice: Computer Security & Forensics. My ideal job would be in the Forensic Scientist field. If this is not obtainable I would definitely stick with some form of career in the Criminal Justice Field. As for as my personal life, I am a 30 year old single mother of a 10 year old son, and a 6 year old daughter. Very outgoing and have set goals in life for myself and my children. After taking some years off I was determined to return back to school and not finishing this time around was not an option.**


If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

Thank you

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