Can anyone write a research paper for me?

The paper is a research paper about Greek Goddesss Athena. It needs to be typed in MLA 2009 formatting and a work cited paper. This research paper doesn’t need be longer than two pages.

Below are questions that needs to be included in the paper.


  1. Who is your character?


  2. Appearance: What does she look like? What does he typically wear? Is he associated with a particular object or animal?

    -A tall, slim woman with bluish-green eyes trickling light, wearing a suit of armor and a golden helmet. Athena’s symbols were the spear, the distaff, the aegis (a shield of goatskin), and her sacred animal was the owl

  3. What special talents or powers does your character have?

    Superhuman Strength, the inability to age upon reaching adulthood, immunity to terrestrial diseases and harm from conventional means and a regenerative ability that heals wounds rapidly.

  4. What is the history or background of your character?

    Nine months after Zeus impregnated the Titaness Metis Zeus had a terrible migraine, and Hephaestus split open Zeus head with an axe to relieve pressure. From that wound Athena emerged, fully grown and armed as the goddess of wisdom and war.

    She gave birth while she was a virgin.

    -Athena stood alongside Zeus as he forbade Pluto from working on Earth.                  

  5. What stories is your character associated with? Why or how is your character important to the plot?

    The weaving contest with Arakhne who was transformed by the goddess into a spider;

     The blinding of Teiresias for viewing her naked in the bath;

    The Judgement of Paris in which she competed with Hera and Aphrodite for the prize of the golden apple; the Trojan War where she sided with the Greeks in battle, but attacked their ships with a storm when they failed to punish Oilean Ajax for violating her Trojan shrine.

  6. Does your character change during the course of the story? If so, how does he change?


  7. Would you consider your character to be good or evil? In other words does she behave as a protagonist or an antagonist? How so? How can you tell?

    -I would consider her as both good and bad. She behaves as both protagonist and antagonist. Her attitude changes daily.

  8. What do other characters think of her?

    Some respected her.

  9. Does your character have other names? If so, what are they? Where did they originate?

    Yes. Minerva, Pallas Athena, Athene, Goddess of Wisdom, Goddess of Battle Strategies, Goddess of Weaving.

  10. What interesting facts have you discovered about your character?

-The way she was birthed and that the underside of the olive tree’s leaf is grey, and when the wind lifts the leaves, it shows Athena’s many “eyes”.

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