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Values and Culture

Cultures vary widely in the values to which members adhere. For example, some cultures may highly value personal achievement, where other cultures value religious convictions as a core value. One culture may emphasize the importance of being independent while another culture may focus on the importance of being a supportive group member.As you review the Learning Resources […]

Privilege – Anti Racist

Please read the instruction file attached.ALL questions need to be answered thoroughly, clearly and grammatically correct. You are constructing paragraphs ( 4-5 sentences!) not bullet points.

scatter plot

A researcher is interested in investigating the relationship between viewing time (in seconds) and ratings of aesthetic appreciation. Participants are asked to view a painting for as long as they like. Time (in seconds) is measured. After the viewing time, the researcher asks the participants to provide a ‘preference rating’ for the painting on a […]

Exclusive for Dr. Mitch

In your unit readings from the Psychological Testing and Assessment text, you read about three sources of error variance that occur in testing and assessment. These include test construction, test administration, and test scoring and interpretation. Additionally, other sources of error may be suspect. You were also introduced to reliability coefficients, which provide information about these sources […]

Discussion post due 12-20-17 by noon

Throughout the course, you learned about many different types of research and when and where it would be conducted. Despite all the different methods that psychologists use to gather data and report results, many still consider the field a soft science. Read the article Public Skepticism of Psychology for a description of why psychology might […]

Psychophysiology Test

I have a 2 part test I need help with.One is answer in complete sentences and the 2nd True or False.The test is solely and completely based on the book “Self Matters” by Phillip C. McGraw. (Not from random answers off the internet. Please.)The 2 tests are attached.Audiobook of Self Matters can be downloaded here:http://kat.ph/dr-phil-mcgraw-self-help-audio-books-t1083784.htmlThank you!!!

Reply 7-1 JS

Reply to:As people age, the body tends to slow down physically and mentally. This varies for everyone, and each person has a different level of “normal” aging. Genetics and a person’s health habits can all play a role in a person’s age. Depression is a normal adult disorder that can develop, for example, people often […]

Functional Analysis

1.  Functional Analysis Interview (FAI) is a type of structured interview containing 11 sections, designed to identify potential functions of maladaptive behaviors. Identify and Describe at least three of the sections of the FAI.2.  Explain the differences between Individual and Environmental variables in Functional Analysis, please provide at least one example per variable.