Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: PURE. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: PURE. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Even demand was increasing for raw foods, those that were thermally processed at 120 degrees, which is representative of the planet’s ambient temperature, which was said to aid in digestion, sustain natural healthy bacteria levels, and ensure maximum nutritional content. The main objective was to establish an eatery that would have market-centric relevance, especially in relation to food availability on the menu and the internal decor. Utilizing a naturalistic environment consisting of woods, natural greenery, and a variety of displayed vegan and raw products, Graham and Buob wanted to create legitimate relationships with customers that valued these naturalistic elements supported through knowledge exchanges with consumers in an eco-sustainable environment. By promoting an environment where vegan and natural foods consumption lifestyles could merge with ownership and staff, the objective was to create a revolutionary type of restaurant that could cater to this expanding market niche. The Main Problems at Pure Problems with the foods regulatory environment posed reputational risks for the variety of products that were procured by Pure. The United States Department of Agriculture allowed or five percent of an organic product’s attributes to contain non-organic materials.


prepare and submit a term paper on Cause and Effects Diagram. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Cause and Effects Diagram. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. The nature of programming is such that it is quit complex with so many concepts and programs. In addition, it consists of several pieces of details connected together. Thus, programmers when developing a new corporate website must have the capacity to pay attention to the tiny details involved in programming and development. Similarly, good memory and the ability to abstract play a crucial role as some of the specific skills that programmers should have. Programming entails a lot of information that needs to be remembered. For example, there is the syntax language with a set of functions prewritten that require to recall and identify the parameters that they would take, as well as the variables and functions associated with them in a particular program. Hence, one needs to have a good memory in order to remember all that stuff and more, as well as their applications. On the other hand, ability to abstract is the most imperative skill in programming, which involves compartmentalizing information into little black box. This technique performs useful tasks, but keeps away some details such that a programmer does not have to remember them all the time. In programming activities such as website development. There are several issues that arise during the process. thus, effective problem solving skills comes in handy when such circumstances arise. Another skill is knowledge of programming languages. This is important because one cannot perform a website development without the knowledge of programming languages (Dudley & Butte , 2009). However, this does not mean knowing all the languages, but knowing just one or two of the programming languages is appropriate in achieving a perfect website development. Knowing programing languages allow programmers to evaluate where a language should be applicable, and where a particular language should not be applicable. New things come up in the information and technology field, which requires advancements in our knowledge, skills, and abilities. Therefore, a good programmer must be open and ready to learn new technology in order to enhance his skills and stay on top of the game despite the changing world. Similarly, entrepreneurial skills highly apply in this field because of the opportunity to grow and expend businesses. Entrepreneurial skills among programmers helps them to see beyond the functions of mere development, and incorporate certain features that may enhance business operations (Brian, 1999). Finally, in the category of personal skills social skills and even social networking skills play a crucial role in programming. Working as a tem to develop a new website, members need have social skills in order to help them understand the issue. Naturally, humans are social beings, and this is one of the factors that improve team performance and leads to success of the development. In addition to the individual skills, there are team skills that programmers must ensure they utilize towards the as developing a successful corporate Web site. This involve manage development time, which ensures that the development everything that you need is according to the stipulated time schedule.

Write 9 pages thesis on the topic electron physics and electron topography.

Write 9 pages thesis on the topic electron physics and electron topography.


In x-ray tube bombardment of the target with high energy, electrons cause excitation.&nbsp. When the incident beam equals the power required to remove a K shell electron, ejection of K shell electron is imminent via inelastic collision. An electron-hole is created in the K shell. The hole is filled by an electron in the immediate outer shell, in this case, the L shell. L→K transitions are designated Kα. the energy of the photon released is EKα=EK-EL.

Word count: 154


Thornton, S. & Andrew Rex (2011) Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 4th Ed. New York: Wiley and Sons.




TAQ 2. Explain the role of bremsstrahlung radiation and describe and explain line and continuous spectra.


a) Role of bremsstrahlung radiation
Bremsstrahlung is the process through which an electron is accelerated while under the influence of the nucleus1. The strong positive charge of the nucleus causes the electron to slow down, lose kinetic energy, and change direction. Smooth and continuous X-ray spectra are produced by bremsstrahlung, as seen in figure 1. From the spectrum, it is seen that the bremsstrahlung energy ranges from zero to peak and back to zero. The continuous spectrum contains photons of varying wavelengths and strengths that give different penetration depths. In taking photographs, the difference in penetration energies allows good contrast.

b) Describe and explain line and continuous spectra.
X-ray spectra of copper consist of a few sharp and intense lines superimposed on an iridescent background known as white radiation. The short spectral lines comprise the characteristic radiation. The presence of the complete radiation is dependent on the use of primary x-rays of high energy electrons. If primary electrons are used to excite the material, then the spectrum will not contain a continuum but will have only sharp characteristic lines. Line spectra will generally be brilliant and distinct positioned at a particular wavelength, whereas a continuum will be spread over a wider area of varying wavelengths.

research paper on issue of undocumented students. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The website aided in supplementing information into how the government has tried to solve the problem of undocumented students.

Need an research paper on issue of undocumented students. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The website aided in supplementing information into how the government has tried to solve the problem of undocumented students.

This scholarly journal article was published as both a print and electronic source. It was intended for scholars in immigration issues. The first part of the journal introduces reasons for how the policy debates will influence the status of undocumented students. Furthermore, the author, Julian Jefferies, has supplied data, and laws that will affect undocumented students. Jefferies also demonstrates how the media is involved in this issue. Jefferies then supplied the argument between the opponents, and proponents and the time frame that is advocated by four organizations. Jefferies’s conclusion was that we have included the stakeholder to see their views on how society operates rather than the individual.

The article was recently published in 2008 and the author is currently an instructor at Boston College, researching the daily practices of recently-arrived immigrant youths. he is interested in the different responses to global immigration. He has included five references in the Scholarly journal article. References were included for all studied the aspects of immigration, youth education, and undocumented student in the U.S.A. this includes: Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees, Legal Issues, Clinical Skills, and Advocacy. This shows the collective study of a large group of Legal and undocumented students. The source is based on statistical facts and avoids personal opinions. However, the article also gives the perspectives of the competing viewpoints on the immigration subject.

This Scholarly journal article was found in Academic Search Premier by searching undocumented students, and illegal aliens, then limiting the search to scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals, with the data rearranged by the results.

This news article is a popular source (USA Today) and was published on July 7th, 2008.

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic the opium wars about opium.

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic the opium wars about opium. The interests of the British traders, the true causes of the War lay in the conflicting nature of the associated respective interests embedded in significant economic and social implications of the trade of opium for the two nations. The objective of the present endeavour is to explore the causes of the conflicting interests strong enough to result in the two wars from the perspectives of both the British and the Chinese to perceive the extent to which Opium wars were truly about Opium to the degree of detail allowed by the scope of this brief essay. In this pursuit, it is first necessary to comprehend the reason for opium assuming significance in the Sino-British trade relations to a degree such that not one but two wars were fought over disputes regarding its trade. So in what follows, first the main features of the Sino-British trade relation are presented briefly.

The Qing dynasty, whose reign was initiated in the mid 17th century, though often historically accused of preferring isolationist policies had, in fact, stronger predilections for participating in some limited foreign trade activity under strict regulatory controls rather than making China an autarky (Ownby, 2003). Such preferences were reflected in the establishment of the “Canton system of trade” which restricted foreign trade by making Canton the only legal port for trading and moreover, there were heavy regulations set-up by the “cohong”, a Chinese merchant group who operated as a monopoly in overseeing the trade that was undertaken in this system. The emperor allowed the Cohong to monopolize operations through price controls, duties and other fees in return for the high payments they made to the empire. Foreign merchants were subjected to severe restrictions in various forms. Interacting with locals as well as lodging formal complaints to Chinese authorities was legislatively prohibited. However, the British traders, long accustomed to dealing with such local official monopolies and&nbsp.further with operating under heavy restrictions were not dissuaded by these.

Compose a 1000 words assignment on ergogenic aids: oxyelitepro 1,3-dimethyalanine (geranium).

Compose a 1000 words assignment on ergogenic aids: oxyelitepro 1,3-dimethyalanine (geranium). Needs to be plagiarism free! The safety risks associated with the use of products containing this chemical have been evidently revealed by medical research. It is also important to note that other ingredients in these supplements apart from DMAA may also contribute to the health risks incurred. Ergogenic aids is a term that is used in reference to actions, substances or implements that lead to a rise in the use of an individual’s energy and consequently the amount of performance derived from activity (Duggan,Watkins,& Walker, 2008). Physical exercise like weight lifting and stretches and psychological activity such as hypnosis are forms of ergogenic aids. In the field of medicine, ergogenic aids is used in frequent reference to supplements that are dietary in nature. These supplements are introduced to the body as part of a diet. Their ingredients are formed from components that increase the metabolism and use of energy and consequently burning off more fat by the body. In the past ten years, production and consumption of these products have been on the rise. Most consumers of these products are sports personalities and individuals seeking quick weight loss programs. Researchers in the United States of America have opined that an approximately half of the American populace use supplements with 76% of college sportsmen and almost all bodybuilders are on supplements (Raven, et al, 2012). The US Food and Drug Administration have not scrutinized the components of these products and the claims by its manufacturers on the working of these products (Llewellyn, 2009,). Before the marketing of food and drugs to the public, the FDA first of all evaluates the products before authorizing its marketing. Having been labeled as “supplements” then the FDA is under no obligation by law to evaluate the products. The evaluation of the products now lies with the consumers of the product as far as the claims made by manufacturers and the side effects are concerned. OxyElite Pro an ergogenic product designed by USP labs company. The product is designed and produced and marketed as a weight loss product. The dosage of Oxyelite is packed in a bottle of capsules to last 30 days. It retails for around 42 dollars to 60 dollars in online retail stores in the United States. It contains elements that include caffeine which increase metabolism and increases weight loss. The manufacturing company presents the product as strong and fast acting and hence its preference by sportsmen and bodybuilders. In developing oxyElite, USP labs based their research on Alpha-2 receptors which are components that reduce and slow down the breaking down of body fat. The composition of Oxyelite ingredients achieves the goal of burning body fat by inhibiting the working of Alpha-2 receptors. (Schmidt & Clark, 2013). Rauwolscine is one of the ingredients in this product that antagonizes Alpha-2 receptors to increase the breakdown of fat. This is the reason why Rauwolscine is mostly found in thermogenic products. Bauhinia purpurea and Bacopa monnieri are other vital ingredients. These two ingredients are responsible for the increase of thyroid hormones in the body. Thyroid hormones are responsible for breaking down body fat leaving leaner body tissues. The two types of thyroid hormones are triiodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4). T4 can easily be converted into T3 and as research has shown, T4 is present in volumes four times the amount of T3.


creating a thesis and an outline on AMDR for Carbohydrate Intake. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on AMDR for Carbohydrate Intake. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. It is important to avoid added sugar. Substituting sweetened sodas with water is essential. Instead of relying on desserts rich in added sugars, individuals should go for alternatives such as fruits (, 2012). There should be a bias towards breakfast cereals that contain less added sugars. People need to go for fruit juices as opposed to fruit drinks due to the sugar influx that the later create in the system.

Choosing complex carbohydrate over simple ones helps increases fiber intake. Simple carbohydrates contain simple sugars that increase systemic glucose levels rapidly. To increase fiber intake, people should adopt diets composed of unprocessed whole grains and starchy vegetables due to the richness of fiber they exhibit. Fresh fruits are also rich in dietary fiber while at the same time providing the body with sugar. High fibers legumes such as beans and lentils should form part of the diet. The amount of water intake should increase with the rise in fiber intake. The first meal of the day should have a fiber boost.

Reference, (2015). Nutrition for Everyone: Basics: Carbohydrates | DNPAO | CDC. [online] Available at: [Accessed 10 Jun. 2015].

Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses the literary genre of epics and classics. The Literary Genre Of Epics And Classics

Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses the literary genre of epics and classics. The Literary Genre Of Epics And Classics

The literary genre of epics and classics deals with the theme of love, war and adventure, derived from folklore and mythology. The epics like The Iliad by Homer, Aeneid& Virgil, and Epic of Gilgamesh revolve round the same theme. Here, the first part deals with the comparison of the central characters of The Iliad (Achilles), and Aeneid (Aeneas) to unearth similarity between the same. The second part deals with the similarity and response of Gilgamesh (Epic of Gilgamesh) and Achilles (The Iliad), on the loss of their companions.

Category I: The Iliad, The Aeneid

Both Achilles in Homer’s Iliad and Aeneas in Virgil’s Aeneid&nbsp.are legendary characters born from an immortal mother and mortal father. They possessed high fighting abilities and were blessed with mighty prophetic swords. These swords were capable to foretell the destinies of Achilles and Aeneas on various occasions. Besides, both these characters were so proud of themselves but they withdrew from the battlefield on different circumstances.

Achilles always tried to increase personal glory whereas Aeneas stood for his state, community and his own family. Achilles asks Thettis, his mother, for aid after Briseis is taken by Agamemnon. In the work- ‘The Iliad’ by Homer, the words of Achilles to Lord Agamemnon make clear that: “To others give now thine orders, not to me.” (Homer 10) Achilles is brave enough to challenge Lord Agamemnon on his behavior towards others without considering his fearlessness and talent. He decides to join the battle in order to keep his fellow soldiers from attaining glory themselves. Aeneas never asks for help but he receives it. Besides being devoted to the Roman state, he follows the will of gods not thinking about his own matters.

On the other side, Achilles struggles to get rid of his own self pity and anger while the other deals the situation with courage. So, one can easily identify that the similarity between Achilles and Aeneas is in their birth, ability and pride and both of them represent the heroic qualities of their cultures.

Category II: Comparative Literature

Both Gilgamesh and Achilles experience similar pain at their loss. Each of them thinks he is losing a part of himself in such a condition. They lose their ability to fight due to stress, anger and sorrow. But the relation between Gilgamesh and Enkidu is quite different from that of Achilles and Briseis.

Gilgamesh’s friendship and love is deep. He required Enkidu for more than just honor. For instance, in the work ‘The Epic of Gilgamesh’ by Maureen Gallery Kovacs, during the journey to the Cedar forest, Gilgamesh and his friend Endiku went to sleep for a while. In the night, Gilgamesh was awakened by a dreadful dream and called his companion and said: “Endiku, my friend, I have had a dream- and the dream I had was deeply disturbing.” (Kovacs 31) This incident proves that Gilgamesh was so attached to his companion Endiku and values his companionship a lot. But Achilles does not love Briseis, which was considered as a reward. The loss of this possession was considered as the loss of his self pride. Achilles did not lament over his loss of Briseis. But he was filled with divine rage and a desire for vengeance. His love was towards his state without any human emotion and it helped him to raise his ego. When Gilgamesh moves towards humanity, the other shows godly tendencies. Both react in harsh ways- Achilles by making Agamemnon suffer and Gilgamesh by searching for a way to end his fear of&nbsp.mortality. Briseis can be replaced if Achilles gets a woman who brings honor to him but Enkidu cannot be replaced by anybody. So, one can identify that both Gilgamesh and Achilles feel miserable on loss of their companions. But their response on loss is different because they possessed extreme difference in their outlook on companionship.

So, there exist similarity between Achilles and Aeneas on their birth, ability and pride and both represent the heroic qualities of their cultures. But when one considers bravery and boldness to withstand crucial situations in one’s life, Aeneas comes to the limelight of glory. On the other side, both Gilgamesh and Achilles feel miserable on loss of their companions but their response was different related to their character. So, basic instinct is above human character and it is capable to overpower any individual, who is common or legendary, without any difference.

Works sited

Homer. The Iliad. Wilder Publications, 2007.

Kovacs, Maureen Gallery. The epic of Gilgamesh. California: Stanford University Press, 1989.

propaganda in world war i

I need some assistance with these assignment. propaganda in world war i and why the us entered the war Thank you in advance for the help! This research will begin with the statement that the Great War (World War I) that erupted in 1914 pitted the allied powers (Great Britain, France, Russia against the central powers (Germany, Austria, Turkey). These European powers often engaged in fights for status and territory thus the Great War was no exception except that it attracted the whole world into the conflict. Not even the United States which had vowed to maintain its isolationist or non-interventionist policy was spared. Of most importance is that the US depended much on trade from both powers with trade from allied forces accounting for more than $ 800 million and from central powers $170 million. Further, trade from Britain and France depended on loans from American banks. No wonder the US was unable to sustain its to a non-interventionist stance. This was bound to be difficult for US thus the formation of the Creel committee to devise propaganda that would shape public opinion towards war support. There are various factors that led the US to enter the war. First, it was the economic ties with Europe. The war would have jeopardized US trade thus it was reasonable to intervene. Secondly, it is the strong ethnic ties of US to the old world. America comprised of many immigrants from war torn areas hence it was bound to get involved in the war. Furthermore, President Wilson always held great admiration for British form of government hence sympathetic to its plight. Another important reason is that US was caught in the middle of commercial warfare with Britain blockade on one side and German blockade on the other.

writing homework on Do the policies and ideology of multiculturalism unite us or divide us.

Need help with my writing homework on Do the policies and ideology of multiculturalism unite us or divide us. Write a 1500 word paper answering; In order to promote multiculturalism, policies are in place to protect ethnic identities of immigrants and Canadian ethnic minorities. There are programs for education, employment and support for navigating government services. However, these policies do not always result in equal treatment. Multiculturalism is a laudable goal and it looks good from the outside. However, it is not always good from the inside. The idea of multiculturalism, especially in Canada, makes people feel like they are part of a greater good, a bigger picture promoting anti- racism, and that they fighting for group and individual equality. However, policies created to help protect identity or to aid aboriginals protect their culture or immigrants to integrate into Canadian society sometimes offer advantages to immigrants that native born Canadians do not enjoy. One very visible difference in policy is in the area of education. Canada has actively recruited immigrants to boost the economy for more than a century. Because of the Offical Languages Act in 1969 to mollify Quebec separatists, numerous ESL and EFL programs exist for adult immigrants across the country to help new arrivals integrate (Derwing and Thompson 2005). However, over the years these programs have been modified to emphasize the employability skills of participants and to communicate Canadian values. Other programs, such as neighbourhood national festivals are promoted and subsidized by the government to allow immigrants to communicate their culture to other Canadians in an effort to promote understanding, acceptance and equal opportunity. The LINC program improved upon its predecessor by adding women, who were considered unemployable, to the list of beneficiaries, but it still emphasized “Canadian” values, rights, and responsibilities (Bettencourt 2003, 25), including laws, shopping and banking, plus information for services (Bettencourt 2003). It was changed again in 2000. Based upon standards of measurement of language skills, it aims to bring all immigrants’ language skills to a useful level (CIC 1996). Various changes were made to this program by the CIC (CIC 2001. CIC 2006. CIC 2007. CIC 2009) While all this work to help new immigrants benefits society as a whole, the amount of money spent on these programs is not equalled in educations programs for native born Canadians. For example, a native born Canadian who moves to Quebec is not eligible for free French lessons, nor is a Quebec resident who moves to an English province. This is seen as favouring immigrants at the cost of native born Canadians. Education of immigrant children required a change in Canadian school systems. However, public education is the purview of the provincial governments, not the federal government (JEAN-PIERRE, 2011). So many provinces have developed multicultural programs to help resolve the problems of immigration of non-English or French speaking immigrant children. Since schools are funded mostly by property taxes, this is seen as spending the taxes of the Canadian middle class, generally native born, citizens on programs that do not visibly benefit their children. While a case can be made for the value of foreign language instruction to child educational and intellectual development, Canadian schools already offer bilingual education: French and English.